Friday, December 14, 2007

Contacting The Other Side

Last weekend, I had the privilege of hosting Mark Macy, who communicates with the 'dead' using electronic equipment, and his machine, the Luminator (more on that later), for a couple of parties, where he described his research. The ground I state 'dead' in citations is that once you've seen his research, you can never again believe that the spirit that leaves of absence a dead organic structure actually dies. His grounds includes computing machine passages, typed from a computing machine which was turned on without anyone physically in the room, and which included information only known to the 'dead' adult female and her still living husband, and a message left on Mark's ain telephone set answering machine from a co-worker who was 'dead'.

While Mark's presentation is clear and convincing, the best illustrations of transcommunication he demoes are the 1s provided by the audience itself. With the Luminator running, he takes Polaroid photographs of audience volunteers, and many of the photographs have got confronts completely different from the physical 1s of the photograph subjects. (On my blog of this article (see nexus in resource box below) I've included 3 of my photographs -- one of me (as me, not the best photo, oh, well), one of me that is clearly not me (as there maybe two faces, and at least the olfactory organ and oral cavity aren't mine), and one of my paternal grandmother, who might be the human face in the 2nd photograph (or maybe not). The lone change to the Polaroid photographic camera is that achromatic tape is topographic point over the visible visible light detector so that the flash doesn't travel off, because the spirit confronts demand a low light state of affairs to be seen on film.

Even more than merriment for me was getting to hang out with the Luminator. This machine looks to change the electromagnetic field in an country at least a hundred or so feet in diameter. Another clairvoyant who was there described it as changing the energy of the space in my place to that of the boundary line between the human races ('here' and 'hereafter'). At first, I was really taken aback by its powerfulness -- it felt like my organic structure was on some sort of speed, or having an epinephrine rush, though my head was completely normal. As I got used to it, though, something astonishing happened. I was 'shown' what haps when you 'die'. I did not have got the experience of the tunnel that most near-death experiencers depict (not that I was near decease in any way), but doors opened from my bosom and I came out on a beautiful landscape, which I was told was different for each person. After a few minutes of enjoying that, I was showered with a beautiful greenness visible visible light that permeated me, and then a beautiful yellowness or aureate light that did the same. After a while, that faded away, and I was back in the beautiful landscape, but this time, there were one thousands of 'people' there. (I believe this is the welcoming political party that everyone negotiation about.) I was at a distance, hovering in the sky, looking at the assembled group, but I noticed that if I asked for someone, they'd screen of come up to the presence of the group, or perhaps I zoomed in to them. Iodine was given to understand that in a way, this 'party' is somewhat holographic, as if each psyche sent a hologram of a portion of itself that I would recognize, not necessarily that the whole psyche was there.

A piece later, a reproducible manner to speak to 'dead' people occurred to me. All I demand to make is travel back into my heart, unfastened the doors out onto the landscape, be cleansed by light, come up out at the political political party -- and then inquire for a peculiar 'person'. So I tried it with my husband's father, who 'died' when he was 15. I learned some things about him that my hubby could verify, which believe me, I didn't know, and others that made sense to him, though he could not actually verify them.

The adjacent day, I happened to be instruction my day-long 'Psychic Skills Workshop', and offered a guided speculation of the procedure to the participants as a fillip session after class. Everyone stayed, and everyone got to their landscape, and everyone establish a individual -- not always the individual they had thought to contact, but person they knew! Because it was the first clip I had ever done the meditation, I didn't go forth adequate clip for people to have got appreciated conversations with those they contacted. Oh, well... that's how you learn. Next clip I'll go forth more than clip for people to speak to their loved ones.

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