Thursday, December 27, 2007

Functional Occult Knowledge Part 13 - Negative Poisons


Many of the instructions state us that we are all one, that we are connected. Even the new Laws of Measure Physics state us that there is an infinite ocean of thought matter called the Measure Ocean.

It is known as the Mind of God. Everything that ever was, is or will be is there. We are all there and we are all connected.

I like to believe of it this way, "I am a dynamical unit of measurement of measurement of energy, living, moving and having my beingness within an infinite moral force unit of energy called Supreme Being (Quantum Ocean!).

With this in head we must begin to understand that when we are negative, not only make we poisonous substance ourselves, we poisonous substance others.

To a greater extent we poisonous substance our family, friends, and relations. To a lesser grade we poisonous substance everyone in the head of Supreme Being (Quantum Ocean.)

One of my teachers, I.F., World Health Organization I studied with for 17 years, lived in Seagate, Brooklyn, right on the Atlantic Ocean Ocean.

He lived on the 2nd flooring of a two household house. When I went to see him for my Negro spiritual lessons, I would peal the bell, downstairs. He would look over the porch rail, bank check me out with his powerful interior vision.

If I was in bad state, and I was quite often, because he was taking me through my seven year, (Purification Stage), where the darkness in me was being purged out. He would say, "Ellis, travel sit down on the beach for few hours and allow the elements of the air, sand, water, and sun cleanse you. You are not coming up to my place dirtied up like that!"

How careless we all are about putting ousrelves in other people's auras, when we are in bad state and are oozing with negativity. We have got no right to make that and if the truth be known, we are piling up bad Karma.

We should all travel "sit on the beach" and allow nature cleanse us.

Not only can we poisonous substance others, we can be poisoned by others as well. We can also be poisoned by topographic points we visit, books we read, and movies and T.V programmes we watch.

I remember when I lived in New House Of York and traveled the crowded metro system. In the morning time time I could see dark shadows flitting around over the caputs of people in the metro cars.

I asked my instructor I.F. about it and he told me that wherever you establish crowds of unconscious people,(and New House Of York metro riders in the morning are extremely unconscious), you will happen clouds of negativeness all around them. It is catching.

It is not all sugariness and visible light on the planet Earth, during and end clip or one age (Pisces) and the beginning of another Age (Aquarius!)

It is as if the Gates of pandemonium are opened and all the inhabitants of the less Astral are put free to roam. Why? Well it is like my electric drill sergeant said, "To take name calling and boot butts" They will be destroyed.

But on a lighter side my teacher, I.F. said "Ellis. as long as you remain witting and expression carefully, you will be as safe as if you were in God's small pocket!"

It is the same with you. Bash not spit in God's eye, by exposing yourself, to unconscious crowds and all of their negativity.

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