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Tarot Cards Reading - The Hermit And The Wheel Of Fortune

The Anchorite - Arcana VIIII

The Anchorite is the 9th Tarot card.

This tarot card is represented by an old adult male wearing a ness and carrying a lantern, walking with a cane. This old individual looks to walk with caution.

His clothes is quite particular: the interior of his ness is richer than the outside; which intends that the Anchorite gives more than value to the interior wealthiness than to the external wealth.

The Anchorite is not a negative tarot card, it is a symbol wisdom.

Basic meaning:

In the right position, the Anchorite typifies cautiousness and protection, but also contemplation and misanthropy.

In the reversed place this tarot card stands for selfishness, greed, indolence, dishonest actions.


During a consultation, the Anchorite card may emerge in a advantageous place and inform our adviser about the importance of reflection, her questioning, it may also intend that this individual will take clip to do her decision.

When the Anchorite come ups in a negative place (on the left), it corroborates the blocking of a situation, either by the consultant's inaction, either by the questioning of a individual associated with our consultant.

For instance, a adult female who applied for a new occupation did not have a reply. If the Anchorite card is positioned in a negative way, it intends that the employer is a woman hater and that our adviser have no opportunity to acquire the job.

The Anchorite also stands for isolation, imprisonment, betrayal.

Placed next to the Temperance this card typifies harmony.

The Wheel Of Luck - Arcana X

This card is adorned with a wheel in motion; which stands for the alterations of our life. The Wheel Of Luck arcana typifies our destiny.

Two figs are on the Wheel of Fortune: on the right is Hermanubis, good technology and on the left is Typhon, the sexual perversion symbol.

A Sphinx is sitting at the top of the wheel to counterweight good and evil. This fictional character is also the symbol of our destiny.

The Wheel of Luck stands for the ups and down feathers of our life, good and evil, joyousnesses and sorrows.

Basic meaning:

In the right topographic point this Tarot card stands for success, good intuitions, money, victories.

In the reversed place the one-tenth major arcana stands for failure, lost opportunities, instability, loss of money, blocked situations...


Imagine that we draw five card game and place them pull by side; the Wheel of Luck is located to the right of the Death (placement to the left or right is of import when reading the cards).

In this case, Death intends the end of something, and have not to be taken in a negative manner because the Wheel of Luck on the right stands for the positive elements.

Situation: our adviser necessitates to larn if she will be dismissed by her boss.

Answer: This individual have everything to derive from the state of affairs because the Death intends the end of her calling in this company and the Wheel of Luck intends a new career, somewhere else and 10 modern times more interesting.

On the other hand, if we utilize the four card game play and if the Wheel of Luck is in the negative place (on the right) it stands for a blocked situation.

On the right side of the One Cup, the Wheel of Luck intends love at first sight.

On the right side of the Empress, it learns us that women will make up one's mind our destiny.

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